Learning Guides and Professional Learning

High-quality, in-depth resources for planning instruction are key to student success. Using our Learning Guides and videos, teachers and leaders can effectively plan and implement instruction. The annual subscription includes online K-8 Learning Guides for Literacy, Math, Science, and Social Studies and explanation learning videos for the Learning Guides and free resource templates. This combination provides a great foundation for your instructional team and kickstarts your mission of student success.

Learning Guides and Videos

Learning Guides – View Samples

The online Learning Guides for Literacy, Math, Science, and Social Studies:

  • Offer ways to incorporate the tools to know and ways to show process standards into instruction
  • Provide optional resources for ways to grow standards aligned to the organizational mission
  • Build content knowledge with explanations, visuals identification, and essential vocabulary
  • Make connections to instructional implications
  • Address patterns of mistakes students make that inform instruction and intervention

Learning Videos

Educators juggle many responsibilities and need opportunities to review and revisit important content. Additionally, educators often share information with other teachers and leaders on their team, so having access to a resource that can further support a reteach of content is key. The via learning videos are a resource to do just that!

The on-demand learning videos provide explanation and easy reference on how to use the:

  • Learning Guides
  • Snapshots
  • Unit Maps
  • Student Learning Reports


The Learning Guides and videos are an annual, organization-level subscription and are priced at $695 per K-8 school.


Professional Learning

Professional learning for both leaders and teachers is key to building capacity and creating a sustainable structure for success.

Using the via learning tools and resources, our professional learning sessions will help you find focus on what to teach, understand how the learning standards fit together for instruction, engage learners, organize your curriculum, and plan instruction.

Professional learning options include:

  • Getting Started: Understand Standards
  • Building your Curriculum: Refining the Scope and Developing a Sequence
  • Planning Effective Instruction
  • Engaging Learners in all Environments
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